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Mobile Marketing Effectiveness

This is a scholarly paper that was published in 2019 about Mobile Marketing effectiveness. It is related to the education market, the third in a series. Feel free to review and comment. I’d like to see your feedback if you like this topic.

You may also like the Mobile Marketing Essentials textbook that I co-authored for the Stukent, Inc publishing company.

Mobile Marketing Effectiveness

How is the Mobile Marketing textbook doing sales-wise?

We are pleased to show the actual sales numbers here, since 2017. We’ve donated thousands of dollars for scholarships to college students through Marketing EDGE, and we are pleased to be publishing the 6th update to the book this fall, so your students can enjoy reading the very latest now. Have you seen the book? As a faculty, you have free access. Get a full set of PPT’s, notes, case studies, quizzes, exams, course outlines, teaching tips and more. We love to help other teachers learn to teach this course. Thank you, Stukent, Inc for your support of this project since 2012.