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Charts show Mobile revenue projections

Predicting the future of Mobile

BIA/Kelsey is a recognized leader in predicting trends in media. I have known and worked with the Managing Partner of the organization, Rick Ducey, since 1988, when he was at the NAB, and he contracted to purchase my doctoral dissertation findings on the future of commercial television stations. They have always been research based, technology oriented and relevant to business decision making. Their newest study, released April 11, 2014, shows that location-targeted mobile ad spending will surge from 4.5 Billion in 2014 to 15.7 Billion in four years. The second chart combines the two parts of mobile spending, both location and non-location spending for a total of $30.3 Billion spending predicted.

What this means to the small business owner is that now, more than ever before, location and really, all mobile behavior can be tracked and utilized to help streamline the customer journey. Here’s one example: A store in California who sells products to dog owners can create a beacon, so that when a dog is walked by the store, if the mobile device is enabled, the message can offer that shopper an incentive to buy products. Using the same product category, a billboard can also be mobilized to offer samples of dog food as the dog owner steps close to the billboard. Talk about Pavlov’s dogs!

What will this study mean to your business? We’re interested to hear from  you.


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