Michael Becker speaks at National University

Michael Becker

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Three days after Michael Becker came to National University, AT&T changed their slogan from: “Rethink possible” to “Mobilizing your World”. Maybe they got the message that everything can be mobile, not just your phone, from the Becker presentation. They want to be connected, just like each of us. The New York Times reported that AT&T spent $1.8 billion on ads last year. This year they will be talking about home automation and futuristic devices. (Source: Kantar Media). See below:

“Rethink possible” motto for a “Mobilizing your world” message, unveiled this week. AT&T — which spent $1.8 billion on advertising last year, according to Kantar Media — will start with four ads that tie the motto to smartphones, home automation and futuristic devices. “It says, ‘It’s amazing what tomorrow will be, and tomorrow is here today,’ ” said AT&T’s Esther Lee, senior vice president for brand marketing, advertising and sponsorship.

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