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Mobile Marketing Essentials

Sample Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Chapter 9

Mobile Marketing Essentials published by Stukent, Inc.

This chapter can be covered in one 75-minute class period, but it can also be extended across two class periods, if desired.

Recommended time breakdown for one-class coverage:

15 minutes: Discussion of quiz questions.

35 minutes: Analysis of Equifax case.

25 minutes: Analysis activity.

Recommended time breakdown for two-class coverage:

Class 1:

15 minutes: Discussion of quiz questions.

60 minutes: Introduce Equifax case.

  • Define privacy and discuss its influence on the practice of mobile marketing
  • Discuss strategies for operationalizing privacy within an organization 
  • Evaluate existing and emerging privacy technologies and how they fit within the MarTech stack
  • Explain the regulatory landscape relevant to mobile and privacy
  • Analysis of strategies, tactics and behavior changes in Mobile and Privacy. Discuss the Equifax case and how it changes the way they looked at mobile and privacy.

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