More Student Comments from Mobile Marketing (verbatim)

“The instructor was great and a subject matter expert. He had some challenges posting grades for 3 weeks. His assignments were far more time consuming and tests were more challenging than most MBA courses I’ve had so far. If I didn’t get good scores on assignments I never knew why. I was given no specific comments or constructive feedback, so that would be helpful in future. The content of the course and information covered in class and in the textbook was great though! I learned alot. You should definitely have him teach this course again.”

It is very helpful to have an instructor who is so well versed in the subject matter. One cannot read an article on Mobile Marketing without seeing the name Michael Becker.

“This was a first course for the instructor, and he was very well versed in the subject matter, but had technical issues with ClassLivePro, posting grades, and was very slow to respond to questions, if ever. I think with more instructor learning on how teaching works, grading, giving feedback, student communication, etc, he will be better at it in the future.”  Michael Becker photo

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