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 Student Feedback: Oct 2013: Verbatim
“The instructor was great and a subject matter expert. He had some challenges posting grades for 3 weeks. His assignments were far more time consuming and tests were more challenging than most MBA courses I’ve had so far. If I didn’t get good scores on assignments I never knew why. I was given no specific comments or constructive feedback, so that would be helpful in future. The content of the course and information covered in class and in the textbook was great though! I learned alot. You should definitely have him teach this course again.”

It is very helpful to have an instructor who is so well versed in the subject matter. One cannot read an article on Mobile Marketing without seeing the name Michael Becker.

Student Feedback: Sept 2013: Verbatim

“The instructor was obviously well versed in the subject matter. Ms McCabe brought interesting and useful expert speakers to our chat sessions which enhanced the learning experience in this class. I knew absolutely nothing about the subject being taught when I started the class, now I feel I could put together a mobile marketing campaign for my own business.”

“The instructor was great, the guest speakers were great, the course is GREAT. I think the textbook was really good too and very digestible, it just needs to be updated ALOT: some of the technology references were already out of date, at 3 years old! Since this was a new course some of the case assignment details posted on eCollege were confusing, but I’m sure this will get simplified in future. I recommend this class and Dr. McCabe highly.”  (Editor’s note: we update our classes every month and are using a new platform since October classes)

“Good class, I learned a lot.”

Pictured below: Dr. McCabe at Social Media Marketing World and Guy Kawasaki in background preparing his talk. April 2013.


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