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Highlight: Our Marketing Faculty at National University

Dr. Mohammed Nadeem is a Professor of BusinessWho will be teaching the courses at National University in Mobile Marketing and Social Media? All are professional and highly skilled at their business professions, with a passion for sharing the knowledge and being experienced at helping adult learners compete in a global economy. Here is the short bio for one of our instructors.

“Dr. Mohammed Nadeem is a Professor of Business and an expert in Strategic and Global Marketing Management focused on Customer Intimacy / Consumer Behavior from a Digital Marketing / Social Media perspective. Professor Nadeem, a “Fulbright Specialist”, believes in preparing leaders to contribute lasting value to all types of organizations, in all sectors, and wherever there are opportunities to make a positive difference for business and society. Dr. Nadeem’s research explores customer loyalty and satisfaction issues, and how social media impacts the decisions of consumers, and how firms can market their products and services more successfully.

Dr. Nadeem teaches graduate marketing courses including Global Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Strategy, Multi-Cultural Marketing, Marketing Management, and Marketing in Emerging Economies. He has published both in Business, Marketing and Psychology journals. His research has won several awards including the National University’s prestigious ‘Distinguished Scholarship’ Award. Professor Nadeem has consulted for clients in Education and High-tech industries in US & Middle East. Dr Nadeem holds a Ph.D., in Business (Marketing) from UIU, Cincinnati, Ohio and a Professional Development Program Certificate in Digital Marketing from Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. He has worked as a Program and Projects Manager of Marketing and Business Development for over ten years at Lockheed Martin Corporation, and Western Digital Corporations, Silicon Valley, CA.

Dr. Nadeem is a US Citizen and lives with his wife and children in Santa Clara, CA”.

Recent Publication (to be used in the course):

Nadeem, M., (2012). Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM): How connecting social analytics to business analytics enhances customer care and loyalty?

International Journal of Business and Social Science, 3, (21), 88-102.