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The Mobile world of 5G

Do you understand 5 G? It’s going to replace 4G in the next few years. You don’t have to run out and get a new phone now, but you should be learning about how this tech will change how we connect.

After watching this short video, you’ll have a better understanding and want to explore the options.

Here’s a summary:

What is different is that this tech moves us to the cloud, so cables can be obsolete. Your signal from your cell tower is more important. They say up to 100 times faster/better than 4G, but that depends. You will be able to download a full movie in just a few seconds, instead of minutes.

The reduction in time delay will help with safety for self-driving cars. In your home, your appliances, from your refrigerator to your Roomba and Alexa, will all be connected to your phone through 5G. And in the workplace, medical devices and industrial applications are all changing.

If you are a gamer, Network Slicing will help you win more stars and quests.

This may not roll out until 2025 in some areas, due, mostly, to cost. China may have an edge here as they invest in infrastructure in a big way now, Huawei and ZTE are ready to start testing. There may be some testing by ATT soon, but these will be limited, and not in rural areas for some time. Either way, it’s coming.