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Live with Lon Safko on innovative thinking and social media interview

We talked with Lon Safko about Innovative Thinking and Social Media. Give a few minutes to listen to his words and the interaction with Mary Beth McCabe and guests. Tell us what you think.
Some of the topics included personal stories of success and failure. We talked about creativity, perspective, and defined inventors, entrepreneurs and innovators.
One of the key points was about “Admitting your weaknesses is your strongest strength”. Lon is a champion for the inventor, and admits he was weak in Marketing at first.

Enjoy the experience here.

What are teenagers saying about Social Media?

Many believe that trends are set by the next generation. Consider the arts, music, and dance.


These teens came to my door to Trick or Treat wearing Social Media shirts. Since the next generation is a teenager now, I thought that sharing this post from medium.com would be interesting to read.Halloween SM


What are your thoughts on these comments about Social Media from the point of a trendsetter?